Kane Consulting and Commercial Real Estate

Kane Moves Religious School to Beverly Hills

The Kane team contracted with a religious organization to move their school from Los Angeles to Beverly Hills.  Working around the school schedule and construction delays, a successful relocation was completed in mid-March 2024.  We coordinated the new furniture installation with BBI Interiors – who did a great job and our movers “Eastern Van Lines” – who moved library books in a specific order and unpacked them in the same order.  Great team work by Kane’s staff: Bruce (numbering plan), Ann (library move coordinator), Phil (move coordinator), Donna (administrative support) and Barb (team lead with client).  Woo hoo!

Kane closes client office in Schaumburg, Illinois

Our long-time client’s staff are working from home in Illinois so they no longer needed their office space.  Phil from Kane coordinated the closing of this office which involved getting most of the furniture donated, the electronics e-wasted and to have the movers leave the space in broom clean condition for an on time turn back to the Landlord.  The Landlord was pleased with how the space was left and our client got their security deposit back.  Thanks to Phil for a fabulous coordination and for braving the cold weather in early March in Illinois – and it was cold!

The first image is the open area; the second image is the mail room; the third image is the IT Room:

With Kane’s Help, Online Gaming Company Moves from El Segundo to Hollywood

In April of 2024, Kane received a call from a long-time broker/friend saying his client needed move management help in the next couple of weeks.  Phil and Barb from Kane jumped on the project and got them moved and also helped decommission their space in El Segundo so that the turn-over of space happened on time and without penalty.  Our client was very pleased with our quick response! Kane does it again!

Kane Completes Project/Move/Real Estate Deal in Pasadena Office

Kane moved a long-time client, who also downsized and moved their office to more of a hoteling workstation environment. PeopleSpace (our furniture partners) and ACCE Inc. (IT support) did a fabulous job in helping complete the office with new furniture and technology.  Kane also welcomes a new scope of service, IT disconnect/reconnect desktop services, with our newest team member, Phil Chang.  Special thanks also to all the behind-the-scenes help from our team…it takes a village of dedicated people to make this such a smooth transition for our clients.

Relocation in Eugene, OR

Phil Chang, Kane’s newest part-time consultant, was able to set up the technology desktops at our client’s new office in Eugene, OR. Barb managed the move. This was all done at the start of the holidays Dec 20-23, 2023!  Our dedicated team goes anywhere anytime! We are client focused!

Holiday Luncheon

The Kane Team (minus a few team members) gathered together at “The Depot” and enjoyed a holiday luncheon and celebrated two birthdays!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Birthday, Donna!

Cheers to One Year!

Barb met with her longtime client, GMTO, at Nicks Restaurant in Pasadena to celebrate the one-year anniversary in their new office location.

Kane Manages Move-in for a Client’s New Office in Federal Way, Washington

We helped our long-time client, Kennedy Jenks, with their real estate lease, construction management and move management over the last few months!  During the weekend of October 20-21, 2023 we managed their move in and clearing out of their old space. Another successful move!

Kane’s New Client: An Architectural Firm in Downtown, LA

Kane is adept in relocating companies from one building to another. However, for this particular client, we will be assisting by hiring a cable company to remove all “data cabling” and hiring an air conditioning company to remove freestanding independent air conditioning units and related ducting requested by the landlord.  We met with the landlord early on so that we have a good 3-4 months to plan this ahead of the move.

Kane’s Long-time Client in Mid-Wilshire Area Renews for One Year

A sign of the times is uncertainty. What does office space look like these days and how much does a company really need.? Kane’s long time Asian Marketing Firm decided they no longer wanted traditional office space (10,000/sq. ft.) in a high-rise Class A location.  However, this decision required time to figure out a new and different environment – a smaller and more collaborative space that could also work for entertaining clients.  So, to buy them some time, we did a short 1 year renewal at a reduced rate – taking the space “as is” and buying them some time.  Changes abound!