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In the worst snow storm in 40 years, Kane manages a move and construction project in Portland, Oregon!

It never surprises us when something unexpected happens in our projects and moves.  However, we certainly were surprised at the snow storm that hit the day of our move – February 22, 2023!  Despite the snow, cold and ice – we did manage to get all the client’s items to their new location.  Decommissioning of their existing space (recycling furniture, etc.) however was not as easy.  Due to the storm, the recycling center and dump were both closed on February 23, 2023… so all we could do was load trucks and wait a day in hopes of those places opening again.  It did delay the move, but did not delay us from getting our client out of their old space on time.  All broom clean and turned over by end of the month!  Another successful corporate relocation.

Unexpected Snow Storm!
Previous Location

New Location
New Location

Law Firm Moves from Santa Ana to Costa Mesa

Kane’s long time client, Lawrence Beach Allen & Choi’s Orange County Office relocated in mid – February 2023. We have moved their Orange County Office 3 times now in 15 years!  It’s gratifying when a law firm understands the benefits of “move and project management” over and over again. This is a great group of lawyers and staff.  We were also able to repurpose some like “new” private office furniture from another client to this law firm at no charge except for the physical moving expense by the movers.  Going “green” is always a plus! Here are a few photos of their previous office space and a few of their new office space.

Previous Office Space:

New Office Space:

Walnut Creek Hoteling Office

Our long-term client, Kennedy Jenks, is moving from a traditional office space to a new dedicated hoteling office for their Northern CA staff.  The photo is of the architect and GC who worked hard to deliver the space in time for the upcoming Feb 10 move.

Princeton New Jersey Office Space Search

Kane flew to Princeton NJ in early December to look for office space with long time client. Pictured here is Barb and client after a fabulous dinner in downtown Princeton!

A Unique Way to Get Your Steps In!

MedPoint, a Kane client, has been storing stuff in a suite located at the Sherman Oaks Galleria (the suite is near their office). There are 3 long hallways from the freight elevator to the storage suite (pictured here). You can imagine how this can wear a moving crew out, just laying the floor protection let alone pushing furniture, technology and boxes along these long hallways. After 1 year of different moves in and out, the storage suite was cleaned out…the long push is over. Celebration!!! The good news? Barbara got her steps in during these moves!

Minuteman Press – New Lease, New Location

Kane negotiated a new lease at a new location for long time client / vendor, Minuteman Press in Redondo Beach.  They just moved across their parking lot but they have all new lighting, flooring, cabinetry and paint, which was part of the Landlord improvements.  They are loving the new space.

Kane Commercial Real Estate Closes Lease Deal in Portland, Oregon

Kane CRE closed a 5400/sq.ft. office lease for a long time client. The lease is for 5 years in Portland, Oregon. We now switch modes to take on the project and move management portion of this project!  Occupancy is anticipated by March 1, 2023.  Kane is a full service brokerage, project and move management firm.  We are a one-stop shop for all of your business real estate, project and move related needs.

Kane Leases Warehouse in Gardena!

Within 90 days of listing a 4200/sq.ft. warehouse in Gardena, Kane leased the space for 3 years to a stable and specialized car mechanic.  Tenant, Landlord and Broker celebrating the lease deal!

Move Planning Using Move Numbers

In order to have a business move quickly (which saves the customer time and money), a detailed plan using move numbers is created (see attached).  Every item that will be moving will have a move number matching the move numbers on a plan.  This enables the movers to know what to move (only those items with a move number on it) and when they get to the new site to know exactly where to put those items (match the number on the item with the move number on the plan).  This is a major key to a successful move.  Items without move numbers will not be moved and will either be taken home by employees for their personal use, disposed, donated or liquidated – as most spaces must be left empty for the Landlord.  Kane creates these move number plans for each location moving.  Contact us for more information.

Results Matter!

A valued client recently sent the following message to Barb, “Thank you, Barbara. You have a great team and have been a tremendous support to us.” Once again, the Kane team put in lots of hard work and it really paid off. Kane is determined to go the extra mile to manage all of the complexities of a large corporate re-location. Results matter.