Kane Consulting and Commercial Real Estate

Donating Feels Good!

Kane donates on a regular basis, particularly to children and animal organizations.  This month we donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America, No Kid Hungry and to Ukraine!  Giving to others in need fills our heart with joy!

Kane’s New Client Has Furniture to Sell or Donate

We are excited to have a new client, Allen Matkins Law Firm, in Irvine, California. Kane has been hired to help them relocate into new office space. They need to sell-donate-liquidate the furniture you see below (and more).. There are 50+ offices of furniture similar to what you see here.  If you know of anyone needing office furniture that is in great condition, please let us know. Timing is end of May 2022.

MedPOINT’s Internal Move

Barney (move assistant with Kane) and Barbara were at our client MedPOINT in Sherman Oaks on Monday, March 14, readying them for internal moves as their larger space finishes construction.  Move signs hung and many other details in the “works”.

Unwanted Office Furniture – What to Do With It?

As many organizations downsize, there has become a huge excess of office furniture.  Many of the liquidators or mover warehouses that use to take office furniture are filling up.  Additional time is needed to coordinate what to do with used office furniture so that it doesn’t end up in the LA Dump.  Kane works with movers, liquidators, non-profits and donation sites like Habitat for Humanity, etc. in trying to avoid used furniture getting trashed.  This takes time and money and we do what we can given the timing involved.  Get in touch with us early so we can help.

Highrise Beach Cities Networking Group

Barbara volunteered this year to “Chair” a Local networking group called Highrise.  Highrise is a networking group made up of people from all over the country in different types of careers.  Each area or region of the country has its own local group.  “Beach Cities” is the local group that Barbara chairs the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  It’s a great group of people with various career backgrounds who are stellar in their field!  Barbara says “Getting to know professional people in different career areas has been such a great learning experience.  It’s another group of people that you become friends with and learn more about their industries with the hope of being able to refer them business.  That’s not all – they become confidents with great ideas when you have a problem or issue with your career and they also become friends. I am honored to be serving as Chair to this wonderful group and look forward to more face to face meetings in 2022.  We have been meeting on Zoom primarily due to pandemic – however – we are hopeful to meet more face to face in 2022!”

Sunset Calm as the Holidays are Here!

Barb was at Redondo Beach this weekend and snapped a few shots of the peaceful ending to a busy work week and the beginning of a busy Holiday week.  Take time out to enjoy nature this coming week and just “be”.  There is no bigger gift than the natural beauty of our oceans.  Happy Holiday Ahead!

MedPOINT Management Moves to Sherman Oaks!

Kane Consulting was hired to manage the relocation and construction management of MedPOINT Management. MedPOINT moved from Woodland Hills to Sherman Oaks over the Thanksgiving Holiday, so there was no rest for the Kane Team during this holiday!  We moved about 65 onsite staff, but items from over 150 personnel that were working from home had to be moved as well; this included furniture, computers, etc.  We had the help of our “A” team partners from Beverly Hills Transfer Moving and Innervisions on the IT side.  It was a successful move that included a day of pre-moves and a day of post moves and also 3 days of decommissioning the old site in Woodland Hills.  All in all a very busy Thanksgiving holiday!  The project continues into late January while 2/3 of the space is still under construction.  So another move is on the horizon for the staff in January when the entire space gets completed.

Real Estate Trainer, “YesMasters”, Finds a New Home!

Kane Commercial Real Estate successfully found the perfect space for their clients, Kevin and Julie Ward from “YesMasters”.  It was a tough requirement to find a space with 9 foot or higher ceilings, first floor space, sound proofing and easy access to parking.  It took some time, but 2772 Artesia Blvd in Redondo Beach met their requirements.  A 3-year lease was signed and they were able to occupy on Nov. 15, 2021.  Let Kane help you find the perfect office/retail/industrial space!

Sedona Retreat – November 2021

In these crazy and hectic times, it’s important to balance life away from the day to day work and day to day ordinary life.  One of Barb’s favorite places in the world is Sedona, Arizona.  Sedona is said to be an area of very strong female and male energies, as well as vortexes that can alter how you “feel” just be sitting on a red rock of energy forces. If this all sounds a bit mumbo jumbo to some of you – Barb believes that everything is energy and recharging your individual energy and getting other people’s energy out of your body, mind and spirit is also important to come back to your “soul” self.  The bottom line is that it’s about “balance” and taking time for “self” and “centering”.  Hence a retreat centered around that.  The organization putting on the retreat was “Celebrate Your Life”.  130 like-minded humans attended the retreat with award winning speakers and authors from around the country and even from Paris!  Four days of discussions, great healthy food, some hiking, and fantastic conversations – just taking a break from the normal grind of daily life.  Check it out on www.cyl.com.  Barb’s sister, Anita, flew in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they had a great reconnection in such a powerful place of serenity.  Blessings to all and remember to slow down every now and then and take time to “smell the roses”, look at the “blue sky” and marvel at nature.

Appreciation Gift From Real Estate Client

Barbara received a very unexpected and generous “spa” gift of goodies from long time real estate clients who are also therapists.  During the pandemic Barbara helped negotiate their lease cost down twice, and extended their lease for 1 year increments.  The landlord refused to pay any real estate commission on any renewal, so Barbara did it as a complimentary service.  These negotiations saved them thousands of dollars and they were very appreciative.  And then a surprise gift arrived at her offices.  While it’s tough working for no charge during a pandemic – doing the right thing is what we do at “Kane” regardless of profit or no profit.  We were just glad to help someone during a tough time.  We are so grateful for the gift and Barbara is “Miss Spa” so this was the perfect gift.  What a way to start the holiday season…unexpected gifts and a grateful heart!