Kane Consulting and Commercial Real Estate

Kane Leases Warehouse in Gardena!

Within 90 days of listing a 4200/sq.ft. warehouse in Gardena, Kane leased the space for 3 years to a stable and specialized car mechanic.  Tenant, Landlord and Broker celebrating the lease deal!

Move Planning Using Move Numbers

In order to have a business move quickly (which saves the customer time and money), a detailed plan using move numbers is created (see attached).  Every item that will be moving will have a move number matching the move numbers on a plan.  This enables the movers to know what to move (only those items with a move number on it) and when they get to the new site to know exactly where to put those items (match the number on the item with the move number on the plan).  This is a major key to a successful move.  Items without move numbers will not be moved and will either be taken home by employees for their personal use, disposed, donated or liquidated – as most spaces must be left empty for the Landlord.  Kane creates these move number plans for each location moving.  Contact us for more information.

Results Matter!

A valued client recently sent the following message to Barb, “Thank you, Barbara. You have a great team and have been a tremendous support to us.” Once again, the Kane team put in lots of hard work and it really paid off. Kane is determined to go the extra mile to manage all of the complexities of a large corporate re-location. Results matter.

New Lunchroom Space for Client

Kane is relocating a large law firm in Irvine, California the week of May 23rd. Check out their new lunchroom – complete with a live plant wall!

Kane Moves Law Firm Again After 20 Years!

One of Kane’s first move management clients from 20 years ago, moved again this weekend.  Twenty years ago this law firm moved from Pasadena to Glendale. This weekend they moved from Glendale back to Pasadena. Due to the pandemic, many staff work part-time from home, so they downsized from 10,000 sqft to 3700 sqft saving lots of money on rent. It’s become the norm seeing firms downsizing. This is the first day in the office unpacking and settling in. 

Industrial Space for Lease

Kane Commercial Real Estate was asked to represent a client that is looking to lease industrial space (warehouse) in Gardena. Highlights include 4,200 sq. ft. of warehouse and office space. Photos below show the exterior and entrance to the warehouse.

Real Life Emmy Statues!!

On a relocation job walk bid, Barb got to actually see real “Emmy Statues” in the lobby of the building toured!  Woohoo!  We really do live in Hollywood!

Donating Feels Good!

Kane donates on a regular basis, particularly to children and animal organizations.  This month we donated to the Boys and Girls Club of America, No Kid Hungry and to Ukraine!  Giving to others in need fills our heart with joy!

Kane’s New Client Has Furniture to Sell or Donate

We are excited to have a new client, Allen Matkins Law Firm, in Irvine, California. Kane has been hired to help them relocate into new office space. They need to sell-donate-liquidate the furniture you see below (and more).. There are 50+ offices of furniture similar to what you see here.  If you know of anyone needing office furniture that is in great condition, please let us know. Timing is end of May 2022.

MedPOINT’s Internal Move

Barney (move assistant with Kane) and Barbara were at our client MedPOINT in Sherman Oaks on Monday, March 14, readying them for internal moves as their larger space finishes construction.  Move signs hung and many other details in the “works”.