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Out of the Box Services


We have added services that involve the art of Feng Shui (placement of furniture, items in your space to promote the ability for a higher level of success or collaboration), Numerology, Astrology, Color Energy and Creative Energetic Readings that directly relate to your physical business space and/or staff.  These “out of the box services” can be very powerful, energetic and supportive in the art of placement of items, numbers, colors and timing when leasing, buying or selling real estate or planning a physical relocation. 

Some of our services include:

  • Feng Shui your space (for optimum success and collaboration)
    • Placement of furniture, equipment, art and colors in your space can affect how your space flows or doesn’t flow for your work environment/business.
  • What do the numbers of your building, street, suite add up to energetically?
  • Based on the timing of your lease, purchase or sale – how does astrology and the location of planets at any given time affect your “real estate deal” or “move in date”?
  • Barbara has created “Daily Energy Awareness” Cards to make you aware of the current energy of your business/staff/you for that day. Pick a card for the day of an important meeting to see what “energies” are surrounding you and how you might “tap” into these energies to have a more successful meeting or business trip.
  • Daily Energy Cards now available at: www.DailyEnergyAwareness.com

Call us for more information at (310) 892-3989 and Step Out of the Box!

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