A League of It’s Own…

Our latest move management project headed up by our esteemed Kim Ward just wrapped. In the history of Kane Consulting, it stands in a League-of-it’s-own in many respects. We were tremendously grateful to work with such dedicated, intellectual, youthful, and spirited people. The end result culminated over 20 consultants, construction teams, project managers, and us: is truly amazing. Here is Kane’s  recap of the project by the numbers:

  • 9 Months of Planning with Kane Consulting
  • 75+ Organizational Meetings with Kane Consulting
  • 400 Conference Rooms Numbers Put Up at New HQ
  • 5 Days of “Main Move” Activities from Old to New HQ
  • 65+ Hrs worked during those Main Move days per Kane Consulting Employee
  • 100+ Movers and IT Team Members Assisting during the Main Move
  • 241,000 Steps (116.48 miles) walked by Assistant Move Manager, Lauren during Main Move
  • 2383 Monitors, 654 PCs, and 443 Docking Stations Disconnected/Reconnected by the IT Team
  • 1370+ Employees Moved to their New HQ in Los Angeles
  • 1.2 Miles Driving Distance between Old HQ and New HQ