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Relocation Management

Kane Completes Project/Move/Real Estate Deal in Pasadena Office

Kane moved a long-time client, who also downsized and moved their office to more of a hoteling workstation environment. PeopleSpace (our furniture partners) and ACCE Inc. (IT support) did a fabulous job in helping complete the office with new furniture and technology.  Kane also welcomes a new scope of service, IT disconnect/reconnect desktop services, with our newest team member, Phil Chang.  Special thanks also to all the behind-the-scenes help from our team…it takes a village of dedicated people to make this such a smooth transition for our clients.

Relocation in Eugene, OR

Phil Chang, Kane’s newest part-time consultant, was able to set up the technology desktops at our client’s new office in Eugene, OR. Barb managed the move. This was all done at the start of the holidays Dec 20-23, 2023!  Our dedicated team goes anywhere anytime! We are client focused!

Holiday Luncheon

The Kane Team (minus a few team members) gathered together at “The Depot” and enjoyed a holiday luncheon and celebrated two birthdays!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Birthday, Donna!

Highrise Beach Cities Networking Group

Barbara volunteered this year to “Chair” a Local networking group called Highrise.  Highrise is a networking group made up of people from all over the country in different types of careers.  Each area or region of the country has its own local group.  “Beach Cities” is the local group that Barbara chairs the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  It’s a great group of people with various career backgrounds who are stellar in their field!  Barbara says “Getting to know professional people in different career areas has been such a great learning experience.  It’s another group of people that you become friends with and learn more about their industries with the hope of being able to refer them business.  That’s not all – they become confidents with great ideas when you have a problem or issue with your career and they also become friends. I am honored to be serving as Chair to this wonderful group and look forward to more face to face meetings in 2022.  We have been meeting on Zoom primarily due to pandemic – however – we are hopeful to meet more face to face in 2022!”

MedPOINT Management Moves to Sherman Oaks!

Kane Consulting was hired to manage the relocation and construction management of MedPOINT Management. MedPOINT moved from Woodland Hills to Sherman Oaks over the Thanksgiving Holiday, so there was no rest for the Kane Team during this holiday!  We moved about 65 onsite staff, but items from over 150 personnel that were working from home had to be moved as well; this included furniture, computers, etc.  We had the help of our “A” team partners from Beverly Hills Transfer Moving and Innervisions on the IT side.  It was a successful move that included a day of pre-moves and a day of post moves and also 3 days of decommissioning the old site in Woodland Hills.  All in all a very busy Thanksgiving holiday!  The project continues into late January while 2/3 of the space is still under construction.  So another move is on the horizon for the staff in January when the entire space gets completed.

Downtown Non-Profit Relocation

Kane relocates a non-profit organization in downtown Los Angeles from 12,000 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. The organization moved from the 19th floor to 15th floor in the same building. This is truly a sign of the times, during this crazy pandemic, to save money on office space that is no longer needed.