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SDI Says “Hello!” to their New Home in Playa Vista

Even the rain and Obama’s recent visit to LA late last week could not delay SDI Media’s relocation to Playa Vista.  Like a well-oiled machine– the technology disconnects, physical move of office furniture and contents, and technology reconnects were complete within 48 hours. The movers even created an ingenious ramp to keep things flowing despite not having an elevator in the space. We anticipate completing the entire relocation at the end of April with the second phase of this move. Great job to all those involved; from the moving and IT services vendors to the property management teams and neighboring businesses. 2016-04-08 15.02.422016-04-07 14.57.322016-04-10 11.40.30

Another Commercial Tenant Moves into the Playa Vista Area

Playa Vista is bustling with both residential and commercial growth. A convoy of cement trucks barrel down Jefferson Blvd each Saturday.  We just coordinated the move-in of the area’s latest tenant, a prominent organic baby,beauty, and home products retailer. Kudos to all the teams working on this project. A special thanks to Innervision Technologies and Eastern Van Lines for navigating the construction still underway to get this company’s technology reconnected and their belongings over to their new location. The employees were beyond impressed and absolutely amazed on Day 1 in their new location.

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Prepping for the Main Move…

Our latest office relocation (for a retailer’s headquarters in Santa Monica) requires a plethora of planning and will happen over the course of two weekends. Last weekend, we “pre-moved” non-essential supplies and resources. This frees up some time and space for the “main move” this coming up weekend. We have 3 full days of relocating employee computers, desk contents, furniture, displays, stock, etc. to their new Playa Vista location. Concurrently, we’ll be liquidating (see last week’s post) remaining furniture and items in their old location so they can turn the space over to new tenants. Full steam ahead team!!!

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Silicon Beach Move = Fun in the Sun

IMG_1834Kane Consulting is happy we could help Belkin with their project in Playa Vista this past weekend. We assisted in reshuffling 200+ employees’ contents on 5 different floors within 2 separate buildings. A complex task, but easily accomplished with the help of dedicated and efficient movers, an IT disconnect/reconnect team, and the Belkin team themselves. The weather was a scorcher, but thankfully we escaped the heat inside. Great job everyone!