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Kane Moves Religious School to Beverly Hills

The Kane team contracted with a religious organization to move their school from Los Angeles to Beverly Hills.  Working around the school schedule and construction delays, a successful relocation was completed in mid-March 2024.  We coordinated the new furniture installation with BBI Interiors – who did a great job and our movers “Eastern Van Lines” – who moved library books in a specific order and unpacked them in the same order.  Great team work by Kane’s staff: Bruce (numbering plan), Ann (library move coordinator), Phil (move coordinator), Donna (administrative support) and Barb (team lead with client).  Woo hoo!

New Lunchroom Space for Client

Kane is relocating a large law firm in Irvine, California the week of May 23rd. Check out their new lunchroom – complete with a live plant wall!

Real Life Emmy Statues!!

On a relocation job walk bid, Barb got to actually see real “Emmy Statues” in the lobby of the building toured!  Woohoo!  We really do live in Hollywood!

MedPOINT’s Internal Move

Barney (move assistant with Kane) and Barbara were at our client MedPOINT in Sherman Oaks on Monday, March 14, readying them for internal moves as their larger space finishes construction.  Move signs hung and many other details in the “works”.

Unwanted Office Furniture – What to Do With It?

As many organizations downsize, there has become a huge excess of office furniture.  Many of the liquidators or mover warehouses that use to take office furniture are filling up.  Additional time is needed to coordinate what to do with used office furniture so that it doesn’t end up in the LA Dump.  Kane works with movers, liquidators, non-profits and donation sites like Habitat for Humanity, etc. in trying to avoid used furniture getting trashed.  This takes time and money and we do what we can given the timing involved.  Get in touch with us early so we can help.

Liquidation of Production Company Office

Kane is working on the liquidation and shipping of items to New York from an LA production office.  The photos are of Barney and Barb from Kane, along with our mover, Gary from Beverly Hills Transfer. Working with a great team and having fun is what it’s all about!  Happy Wednesday All!!

Kane Manages Move in Overland Park, Kansas – September 2021

One of Kane’s long time national clients relocated approximately 5,000/sq.ft. to a Regus Executive Suite center. A huge downsize for this engineering company! Staff is working mostly remotely now and will continue to do so with only occasional visits to the office. We leased two executive suites for their use which will house 5-6 people part time.  We also found them an off-site storage unit to store all of their engineering testing equipment.  Despite the downsize, the staff was very positive and enjoying their new offices.

Downtown Non-Profit Relocation

Kane relocates a non-profit organization in downtown Los Angeles from 12,000 sq. ft. to 2,000 sq. ft. The organization moved from the 19th floor to 15th floor in the same building. This is truly a sign of the times, during this crazy pandemic, to save money on office space that is no longer needed.


Like so many other companies, The Kane Offices are downsizing and becoming more efficient.  We have an extra L desk and some pictures that need a home. All items are in excellent condition. Please make us an offer and pick them up!

Class is in Session!

A special thanks to Daniel Feiman, Author, Consultant, Training Specialist, and Managing Director at Build It Backwards.  Daniel came out to the Kane Office and shared his insight and expertise on how to take Kane Consulting to a whole new level. From networking, active listening, and understanding our audience to prioritizing and the logistics of goal setting. Thank you Daniel!