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Results Matter!

A valued client recently sent the following message to Barb, “Thank you, Barbara. You have a great team and have been a tremendous support to us.” Once again, the Kane team put in lots of hard work and it really paid off. Kane is determined to go the extra mile to manage all of the complexities of a large corporate re-location. Results matter.

New Lunchroom Space for Client

Kane is relocating a large law firm in Irvine, California the week of May 23rd. Check out their new lunchroom – complete with a live plant wall!

Kane’s New Client Has Furniture to Sell or Donate

We are excited to have a new client, Allen Matkins Law Firm, in Irvine, California. Kane has been hired to help them relocate into new office space. They need to sell-donate-liquidate the furniture you see below (and more).. There are 50+ offices of furniture similar to what you see here.  If you know of anyone needing office furniture that is in great condition, please let us know. Timing is end of May 2022.

Office Move in Irvine

The Kane Team has successfully moved the law office Rogers, Nemeth, Germain to new space in their building in Irvine, CA. Kane consultant Virginia Howard was on sight working hard to assure that the move went smoothly and the client was happy with the result. Virginia’s hard work paid off for everyone involved with this move, and further proved how helpful our move management services can be, “The move went smoothly because Virginia was AWESOME! She was truly a professional at her job and put me at ease at every turn. She was a problem solver (and a great interior decorator!). I would highly recommend your services” said Rogers, Nemeth, Germain employee.
IMG_6839 IMG_6859 IMG_6841

Engineering Firm Hires Kane for the 3rd Time!

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants hired the Kane Move Management Team (3rd time in 10 years) to relocate their firm of approximately 20 employees in Irvine.  The relocation involved moving private office furniture, all computers, employee desk contents, file cabinets and bookcases.  The move was accomplished over 1 Friday night.  Kennedy/Jenks Office/IT Staff unpacked/reconnected on Saturday and Monday and by Noon on Monday most employees were working away at their desks.  Barbara Kane also oversaw the construction of the space on Kennedy/Jenks behalf.  Hiring Kane Consulting to manage a relocation of any size saves companies money and assures that companies can be up and running the Monday after a move weekend!

Simplify Your Move – Hire a Move Manager

Many companies that relocate in Southern California find out at the eleventh hour, how exhausting and time consuming the move process becomes in the last 30 days.  And then forget key items that need to be dealt with at the last minute – “oh yeh – we need an electrical outlet near where we want the printer/copier to go”.  While a professional “moving company” does the heavy lifting, and in some cases provides a “Supervisor or Project Manager”, a Move Manager, like Kane Consulting, takes it one step further than a mover.  We ask and ask and ask about everything that potentially will impact your business relocation and assure that every item is planned or “handled” in plenty of time (technology issues, central filing areas, change of address, business licenses, new appliances needed, mail machine changes, bottled water companies, insurance for vendors, scheduling of elevators, etc.).  As Move Managers, we not only manage your business relocation, we advise you to pack up on Friday and come back on Monday to unpack – so you can be “refreshed in your new space” Monday am!  We manage your move over the weekend so you don’t have to.  We will hire IT specialists to assure your telephones and internet connections are up and running on day one!  Most companies we relocate – are fully operational by Noon the Monday after the move.  While traditional movers – handle the “heavy lifting” – we handle everything else.  Give us a call for a move management budget.  It’s more reasonable than you think – and will assure your business is up and running with minimal downtime.   Specializing in all areas in Southern California from 5 employees to 1,000+!