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Move Planning Using Move Numbers

In order to have a business move quickly (which saves the customer time and money), a detailed plan using move numbers is created (see attached).  Every item that will be moving will have a move number matching the move numbers on a plan.  This enables the movers to know what to move (only those items with a move number on it) and when they get to the new site to know exactly where to put those items (match the number on the item with the move number on the plan).  This is a major key to a successful move.  Items without move numbers will not be moved and will either be taken home by employees for their personal use, disposed, donated or liquidated – as most spaces must be left empty for the Landlord.  Kane creates these move number plans for each location moving.  Contact us for more information.

MedPOINT’s Internal Move

Barney (move assistant with Kane) and Barbara were at our client MedPOINT in Sherman Oaks on Monday, March 14, readying them for internal moves as their larger space finishes construction.  Move signs hung and many other details in the “works”.