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Sedona Retreat – November 2021

In these crazy and hectic times, it’s important to balance life away from the day to day work and day to day ordinary life.  One of Barb’s favorite places in the world is Sedona, Arizona.  Sedona is said to be an area of very strong female and male energies, as well as vortexes that can alter how you “feel” just be sitting on a red rock of energy forces. If this all sounds a bit mumbo jumbo to some of you – Barb believes that everything is energy and recharging your individual energy and getting other people’s energy out of your body, mind and spirit is also important to come back to your “soul” self.  The bottom line is that it’s about “balance” and taking time for “self” and “centering”.  Hence a retreat centered around that.  The organization putting on the retreat was “Celebrate Your Life”.  130 like-minded humans attended the retreat with award winning speakers and authors from around the country and even from Paris!  Four days of discussions, great healthy food, some hiking, and fantastic conversations – just taking a break from the normal grind of daily life.  Check it out on www.cyl.com.  Barb’s sister, Anita, flew in from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and they had a great reconnection in such a powerful place of serenity.  Blessings to all and remember to slow down every now and then and take time to “smell the roses”, look at the “blue sky” and marvel at nature.