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Moving Tip #2

Whether your office move is in El Segundo, California or Irvine, Burbank, etc. – be sure that you understand the restrictions of what time of day and day of the week you can move with regard to both your old location and new location.  Unless you own the property, all leased facilities will have property managers of the building that have “rules” of what hours you can or cannot move out.  These “rules” are to assure that a company relocation will not disrupt other tenants in the building, path of travel during the day for employees of other companies and delivery personnel.  Typically in a traditional office building, moves must occur after 6:00pm Monday – Friday.  Weekend times may vary but it’s common that many buildings will allow you to move at almost any time during the weekend.. sometimes Saturday mornings are restricted.  For more move coordination advise, give us a call at (310) 939-9389.