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Kennedy/Jenks Consultants Close to Move-In at Murrieta Office

San Francisco based Kennedy/Jenks Consultants is preparing for their late October move into their new office in Murrieta, California. Kane Commercial Real Estate assisted them in finding and negotiating the lease for this new office and Kane Consulting is managing the tenant improvements and move from their current office in Temecula. This new office will be the first where a new furniture standard is put in place. “The new office will have a much different feel that other Kennedy/Jenks offices with less offices, modular furniture and a much more open feel” say Barbara Kane. This new standard will be employed in Kennedy/Jenks new offices in both Walnut Creek and Irvine in 2017 and 2018″ says Barbara.

Kane Team Donates to Hurricane Relief

The Kane team has donated $500 toward relief efforts following the devastating hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Donations have topped the $44 million mark thus far but much more is needed to help those in need, many who lost everything. Donations are still being accepted on line at www.handinhand2017.com or by calling (800) 258-6000.

Kane Team Moves Sloane, Offer, Weber & Dern

The Kane team descended upon the Sloane, Offer, Weber and Dern’s (SOWD) offices in Beverly Hills to move them to their new location in West Los Angeles. Kane is partnering with SAW & Associates on this project. “We are delighted to be partnering again with SAW & Associates for the SOWD move. We are a great team and always projects the best image for both our companies” says Kane Consulting President, Barbara Kane.

Corporate Moves – Tip of the Day

When planning a corporate move and bidding to various office movers, have the different movers come in at the same time to walk the location to prepare for their bid. This way, the movers all hear the same details about the move. This will assure that your company gets an “apples-to-apples” bids.

Kane Consulting Awarded Move Contract with California Wellness Foundation

The Kane Consulting move team received news today that they had been awarded another move contract, this time with the California Wellness Foundation in Woodland Hills, California. Kane will be moving 27 of their staff in late September. The Kane team has four corporate moves going on in the next 60 days and more on the horizon.

Kane Consulting Awarded Relocation Contract with Enstar

Enstar, a leading global insurance group, awarded Kane Consulting the contract to relocate their office to their new location in Orange, California. “We are very excited to be working with Enstar and look forward to moving their 150 person staff over the Labor Day weekend.” says Kane President Barbara Kane.

Kane Commercial Real Estate Closes Three Major Real Estate Transactions in One Week

The Kane Commercial Real Estate team closed three major real estate transactions during the week of July 17th with deals in Walnut Creek, Redondo Beach and Murrieta. The Walnut Creek and Murrieta deals were for new offices for longtime client, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants and the third deal was for a new quick service restaurant for Alejo’s Italian Restaurant. “All three of these deals have been in the works for months and coincidentally all came together within three days of one another” says Senior Vice President Jon Stokes. “We are excited that to be a part of the new office development team with Kennedy/Jenks helping them again to open new offices as we have done either in a real estate or project management capacity in Honolulu, Maui, San Diego, Irvine, Dallas, Boston, Ventura and other locations around the country” say Jon.

“As a long time patron of Alejo’s Presto Trattoria Italian Restaurant in Westchester, California, it was exciting for Kane to be involved in helping Alejo’s find a location for their new quick service concept restaurant in Redondo Beach” say Kane President Barbara Kane. “Their food is fantastic and we are proud to be a part of bringing it and a new business to the South Bay” says Barbara.

Kane Consulting Helps Client Develop New Furniture Standards

Kane Consulting has recently helped long term client Kennedy/Jenks Consultants develop a new furniture standard in anticipation of their new offices in both northern and southern California. Working closely with the Kennedy/Jenks staff, Barbara Kane has helped them develop a new and innovative furniture standard that is more open and modern than their previous standards. “As furniture standards change to allow for a more open workplace and to accommodate a shift in greater occupancy, we must stay on top of the industry trends so we can best advise our client” says Barbara. “We are eager to see the new look in Kennedy/Jenks new Murrieta and Walnut Creek offices.”

Kane Consulting Produces New Move Management Video

Since move management is one of the primary drivers behind Kane Consulting’s success, Barbara Kane and the Kane team have produced a short marketing video to help explain what move management is all about. “The video helps dramatize in a fun way what move management can do for a company and what can happen if a company tries to do it themselves” says Barbara Kane. The video employs YouTube as the delivery vehicle and is easily accessible to everyone with access to the Internet. “We have gotten some very positive feedback from this video and are considering other marketing videos for project management and commercial real estate” says Barbara. Click the link below to view the video.

Click here for the Video

Kane Consulting to Manage Test Kitchen Project for Ventura Foods – Ft. Worth, Texas

Kane Consulting has been retained by Brea based food manufacturer Ventura Foods to manage the building of a new test kitchen in their Ft. Worth, Texas office. This will be the second such project that Kane has managed for Ventura Foods, having managed the construction of their most recent test kitchen in their Brea, California headquarters in 2015. The new Ft. Worth facility will be very similar in design to the Brea facility and will incorporate a commercial kitchen, research & development laboratories and a blind taste testing area, along with offices and a training facility. “We are very excited to be partnering again with Ventura Foods on this new test kitchen in Ft. Worth” says Kane Consulting President Barbara Kane. “Having helped design and build the Brea project will allow Kane to be even more effective in giving Ventura Foods another state-of-the-art facility” says Kane.