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MedPOINT Management Moves to Sherman Oaks!

Kane Consulting was hired to manage the relocation and construction management of MedPOINT Management. MedPOINT moved from Woodland Hills to Sherman Oaks over the Thanksgiving Holiday, so there was no rest for the Kane Team during this holiday!  We moved about 65 onsite staff, but items from over 150 personnel that were working from home had to be moved as well; this included furniture, computers, etc.  We had the help of our “A” team partners from Beverly Hills Transfer Moving and Innervisions on the IT side.  It was a successful move that included a day of pre-moves and a day of post moves and also 3 days of decommissioning the old site in Woodland Hills.  All in all a very busy Thanksgiving holiday!  The project continues into late January while 2/3 of the space is still under construction.  So another move is on the horizon for the staff in January when the entire space gets completed.

Kane Move Managers – Planning, Planning – Team Work!

Senior Move Managers, Sandra Bresson and Ann Mohr, have fun while working hard in the “Kane” offices on a brand new big move project that we can’t talk about yet!  Barbara, President of Kane, says “When you have happy, knowledgeable, and team spirited staff working on projects – there is nothing better in business.  Ann and Sandra are awesome and a pleasure to work with on all projects!”