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Corporation moves in Orange County

Law Firm Moves from Santa Ana to Costa Mesa

Kane’s long time client, Lawrence Beach Allen & Choi’s Orange County Office relocated in mid – February 2023. We have moved their Orange County Office 3 times now in 15 years!  It’s gratifying when a law firm understands the benefits of “move and project management” over and over again. This is a great group of lawyers and staff.  We were also able to repurpose some like “new” private office furniture from another client to this law firm at no charge except for the physical moving expense by the movers.  Going “green” is always a plus! Here are a few photos of their previous office space and a few of their new office space.

Previous Office Space:

New Office Space:

Results Matter!

A valued client recently sent the following message to Barb, “Thank you, Barbara. You have a great team and have been a tremendous support to us.” Once again, the Kane team put in lots of hard work and it really paid off. Kane is determined to go the extra mile to manage all of the complexities of a large corporate re-location. Results matter.

Moving Tip #4

Plan, Plan, Plan!  I guess I need to say it one more time “Plan”!  When relocating a corporation, the planning of the actual relocation should start a minimum of 6-8 months before the anticipated move in date.  Getting a budget together early on and obtaining quotes from critical vendors for a successful relocation will assure your corporation of no surprises in costs or having things in time for the move.  I received two calls just this last week of April 2012 of major corporations moving in August (90-120 days out).  I mean major corporations who had not really started the process let alone put a budget together.  The corporations were so focused on the construction of the new premises – that the thought of planning the actual move of people, furniture, computers, files, machines, special equipment, phone lines, T1 lines, warehouse items, etc. was something that hadn’t even been discussed let alone budgeted.  And in just 90-120 days all of that had to move with no business downtime.  As move consultants, Kane Consulting, can take the burden off of corporations in planning for their move.  However, to get the best prices with the best service and best people – advance planning is needed.  Keep in mind, the “A” team members of any service company that helps people relocate – are the ones that get assigned first, because they are the best!  Last minute requests or shorten time frames for bids or people to help facilitate a move may mean that you get the “left overs” – the people or product that maybe is not the best.. MAYBE… but do you want to question your corporation’s move with a “Maybe” it will be alright and “Maybe” we’ll get a good vendor(s) to help us make this move efficient, fast and cost effective.  Hmmmmm… why chance it?  PLAN, PLAN, PLAN Ahead!  And give Kane Consulting a call if we can help or recommend vendor(s) to help you!