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Longtime Kane Clients Expand to Walnut Creek

Kane longtime clients, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants, has enlisted the help of Kane Commercial Real Estate with their new office space search in Walnut Creek, California. Kane President, Barbara Kane, was on location in Northern California for an extensive property tour with members of the Kennedy/Jenks Consultants team, touring a record 12 buildings in 6 hours!! Kane is now working with the client to narrow their search to the top 3.


IFMA FMCC Meeting – April 3, 2013











The Facilities Management Consultant Council of IFMA (FMCC) had its largest meeting all year at the President’s home – Barbara Jo Kane – Stokes in Redondo Beach, California.  The meeting/party happened during IFMA’s Facility Fusion event at LA Live – JW Marriott this week of April.  The FMCC is one of 17 Councils that IFMA – International Facilities Management Association has that focuses on a core group of Facility Managers.  The FMCC is focused on Facility Managers in their own businesses.  This can be anything from architects, contractors, project managers, move managers, building engineers, real estate brokers, planners, etc.  Anything to do with commercial buildings – these folks help take care of or support commercial properties.   Pictured here are consultants from around the world including “Germany, Mumbi, Phoenix, Washington DC, St. Louis, Nigeria, Seattle, just to mention a few.


Check out the IFMA website at www.ifma.org or the Council website at www.ifma-fmcc.org for more information.  Come join the fun!