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Kane Completes Project/Move/Real Estate Deal in Pasadena Office

Kane moved a long-time client, who also downsized and moved their office to more of a hoteling workstation environment. PeopleSpace (our furniture partners) and ACCE Inc. (IT support) did a fabulous job in helping complete the office with new furniture and technology.  Kane also welcomes a new scope of service, IT disconnect/reconnect desktop services, with our newest team member, Phil Chang.  Special thanks also to all the behind-the-scenes help from our team…it takes a village of dedicated people to make this such a smooth transition for our clients.

Relocation in Eugene, OR

Phil Chang, Kane’s newest part-time consultant, was able to set up the technology desktops at our client’s new office in Eugene, OR. Barb managed the move. This was all done at the start of the holidays Dec 20-23, 2023!  Our dedicated team goes anywhere anytime! We are client focused!

Holiday Luncheon

The Kane Team (minus a few team members) gathered together at “The Depot” and enjoyed a holiday luncheon and celebrated two birthdays!

Happy Holidays!
Happy Birthday, Donna!

Cheers to One Year!

Barb met with her longtime client, GMTO, at Nicks Restaurant in Pasadena to celebrate the one-year anniversary in their new office location.

Kane Manages Move-in for a Client’s New Office in Federal Way, Washington

We helped our long-time client, Kennedy Jenks, with their real estate lease, construction management and move management over the last few months!  During the weekend of October 20-21, 2023 we managed their move in and clearing out of their old space. Another successful move!

Kane’s New Client: An Architectural Firm in Downtown, LA

Kane is adept in relocating companies from one building to another. However, for this particular client, we will be assisting by hiring a cable company to remove all “data cabling” and hiring an air conditioning company to remove freestanding independent air conditioning units and related ducting requested by the landlord.  We met with the landlord early on so that we have a good 3-4 months to plan this ahead of the move.

Kane’s Long-time Client in Mid-Wilshire Area Renews for One Year

A sign of the times is uncertainty. What does office space look like these days and how much does a company really need.? Kane’s long time Asian Marketing Firm decided they no longer wanted traditional office space (10,000/sq. ft.) in a high-rise Class A location.  However, this decision required time to figure out a new and different environment – a smaller and more collaborative space that could also work for entertaining clients.  So, to buy them some time, we did a short 1 year renewal at a reduced rate – taking the space “as is” and buying them some time.  Changes abound!

Client moves from 5,000/sq.ft. to Executive Suite Office

What we are seeing in many industries is the downsizing of many offices.  One of our Irvine client’s office lease was up March 1, 2023 and they decided that since 99% of their staff was working from home 95% of the time, it was time to try something new and save some money in office rent.  As the lease was coming up, we assisted them in securing a Regus Executive Suite in Irvine.  Our project became more of a decommission (getting rid of like new furniture, removing cabling from ceiling, etc.).  We were able to find homes for some of the furniture and encouraged the employees to take home their ergonomic chairs among other items. Kane was invited to take some much needed office supplies and equipment as well.  We tried to recycle most items.  The executive suite lease is 1 year long – so we’ll check back with them to see if that is fitting the bill in a year or whether employees want to come back into the office more.  The nice thing about Executive Suites is they can be month-to-month or year-to-year…giving lots of flexibility for uncertain clients during uncertain changing times.

In the worst snow storm in 40 years, Kane manages a move and construction project in Portland, Oregon!

It never surprises us when something unexpected happens in our projects and moves.  However, we certainly were surprised at the snow storm that hit the day of our move – February 22, 2023!  Despite the snow, cold and ice – we did manage to get all the client’s items to their new location.  Decommissioning of their existing space (recycling furniture, etc.) however was not as easy.  Due to the storm, the recycling center and dump were both closed on February 23, 2023… so all we could do was load trucks and wait a day in hopes of those places opening again.  It did delay the move, but did not delay us from getting our client out of their old space on time.  All broom clean and turned over by end of the month!  Another successful corporate relocation.

Unexpected Snow Storm!
Previous Location

New Location
New Location

Law Firm Moves from Santa Ana to Costa Mesa

Kane’s long time client, Lawrence Beach Allen & Choi’s Orange County Office relocated in mid – February 2023. We have moved their Orange County Office 3 times now in 15 years!  It’s gratifying when a law firm understands the benefits of “move and project management” over and over again. This is a great group of lawyers and staff.  We were also able to repurpose some like “new” private office furniture from another client to this law firm at no charge except for the physical moving expense by the movers.  Going “green” is always a plus! Here are a few photos of their previous office space and a few of their new office space.

Previous Office Space:

New Office Space: