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Moving Tip #2

Whether your office move is in El Segundo, California or Irvine, Burbank, etc. – be sure that you understand the restrictions of what time of day and day of the week you can move with regard to both your old location and new location.  Unless you own the property, all leased facilities will have property managers of the building that have “rules” of what hours you can or cannot move out.  These “rules” are to assure that a company relocation will not disrupt other tenants in the building, path of travel during the day for employees of other companies and delivery personnel.  Typically in a traditional office building, moves must occur after 6:00pm Monday – Friday.  Weekend times may vary but it’s common that many buildings will allow you to move at almost any time during the weekend.. sometimes Saturday mornings are restricted.  For more move coordination advise, give us a call at (310) 939-9389.

Lease Renewal Tip for Southern California Tenants

Regardless of what your lease says, starting the process of renewing your lease early could save you money.  Early meaning as much as 9-12 months before your lease expiration for smaller spaces, 18 months for larger spaces.  Renewing with just a few months to go before a lease expiration, puts you “as the tenant” in a tough spot.  If terms cannot be easily agreed to on a renewal between Landlord and Tenant, having more time to look at other possible locations is critical.  For the best negotiation and advantage, Tenants need to be sure they could easily move to another location with enough time if they cannot agree to new renewal terms.  While some leases will have specifics as to a lease renewal – at the time of any lease renewal – regardless of what the lease says – every thing can be re-negotiated depending upon the state of the market.  In the 2012 real estate market, Tenants have the advantage to negotiate a better deal because of high vacancy rates.  Use a “Tenant Rep” broker (no cost to Tenant) and don’t go it alone direct with Landlord.  Tenant Rep brokers will get you a better deal than a direct deal 99% of the time.  Contact Barbara at (310) 939-9389 for Southern California real estate information or beyond.

Moving Tip…

When going to bid on your corporate relocation, give it some thought ahead of time and determine, what is moving, what will be liquidated and if packing help will be needed.  Then send a list of items regarding your bid to three (3) moving companies and set a move walk thru date.  Have all 3 movers show up together, so that everyone gets the same information and set a date/time for the bids to be due.  For more information on moving bids, contact Barbara at (310) 939-9389.

Why Hire a Tenant Representative Real Estate Broker to Renew Your Office Lease?

Two Thoughts for the Day:

1.  Real Estate Brokers know the market and fully understand the leasing rates.  They also understand what types of concessions Landlords may be making at any given time (i.e., free rent, tenant improvement amounts, free parking, etc.).  While it is easy enough to google what the leasing rates might be in an area – these are just “asking rates” and are usually not the “actual rate” achieved.  It is not easy to find anywhere – what concessions are being given at a particular time or location.  Brokers know this because of their continually dealings with Landlords and the deals they have done in the recent past.  And concessions are usually confidential from deal to deal (so basically only brokers and landlords know what these are).

2.  Hiring a Tenant Representative Broker costs the Tenant nothing.  Why wouldn’t a Tenant want an expert in the field to negotiate on their behalf at no cost.  Some say the cost ends up in the real estate deal.  Perhaps some of it does, but the value add brought to a Tenant that does not do real estate for a living is huge in savings on not just financials in the lease, but other items in the lease that may restrict Tenants if that language is not negotiated out.  A Tenant will never know if they got a good deal or not without the Broker on their side.

More to come …

For more about this now… contact Barbara at barbara@kaneconsulting.net.


Office Building in Manhattan Beach – 100% Leased

Kane Commercial Real Estate was able to find the last tenant to sign an office lease at 509 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach, California to complete the leasing of that property.  The owner of the property, Dick Acker, was thrilled to have his building fully leased up again.    The location is in the prime area of the South Bay – close to restaurants, the beach and freeways.  Contact Barbara Kane at (310) 939-9389 for more information or for helping you find the right location at the right price.

Simplify Your Move – Hire a Move Manager

Many companies that relocate in Southern California find out at the eleventh hour, how exhausting and time consuming the move process becomes in the last 30 days.  And then forget key items that need to be dealt with at the last minute – “oh yeh – we need an electrical outlet near where we want the printer/copier to go”.  While a professional “moving company” does the heavy lifting, and in some cases provides a “Supervisor or Project Manager”, a Move Manager, like Kane Consulting, takes it one step further than a mover.  We ask and ask and ask about everything that potentially will impact your business relocation and assure that every item is planned or “handled” in plenty of time (technology issues, central filing areas, change of address, business licenses, new appliances needed, mail machine changes, bottled water companies, insurance for vendors, scheduling of elevators, etc.).  As Move Managers, we not only manage your business relocation, we advise you to pack up on Friday and come back on Monday to unpack – so you can be “refreshed in your new space” Monday am!  We manage your move over the weekend so you don’t have to.  We will hire IT specialists to assure your telephones and internet connections are up and running on day one!  Most companies we relocate – are fully operational by Noon the Monday after the move.  While traditional movers – handle the “heavy lifting” – we handle everything else.  Give us a call for a move management budget.  It’s more reasonable than you think – and will assure your business is up and running with minimal downtime.   Specializing in all areas in Southern California from 5 employees to 1,000+!

Orange, California – Office Lease Renewed

Kane Commercial Real Estate completed a “blend and extend” lease renewal for Harrell Advisors in Orange, California at 333 The City Drive.  The transaction was a 66 month lease renewal completed in December 2011.  Barbara Kane at KW Commercial represented the “Tenant”, CBRE represented the Landlord.  Kane specializes in Tenant Representation and helping Tenants save money on lease rates.

Kane Consulting Moves “Modern VideoFilm” – Burbank, California

Kane Consulting Move Management completed a 200 employee relocation for Modern VideoFilm from Burbank, California to a larger location in Burbank  in January 2012.  The relocation also included the move and coordination of approximately 40 technical editing bays and a huge IT Server Room that were relocated around Modern VideoFilm’s clients over a six phase move from Thanksgiving to early January 2012.  The head executive who hired Kane said “Kane Consulting made this move “easy”.  What more could we ask for!