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Change your Personal Energy – Change your Life Experience!

Now more than ever before in our lifetime, I have found it critical to change the way we think in order to be healthy, happy and abundant.  I have been studying the “energy” of all things.  Did you know that everything has “energy” associated with?  People, Places, Things, Nature, Air.  Everything has an energy to it and that energy is in constant change.  When we are happy and healthy – we emulate a positive energy around us – some call it an “aura of color”.  Regardless of what you call it or even recognize that it exists – your personal energy affects “everyone” you come in contact with and “everything” you come in contact with.  It’s not surprising that when you are happy and healthy – do you notice that you attract “better things to you” both physically and mentally.  Also happy and healthy energy will attract happy and healthy people to you.  Just the opposite is true as well.  If you are sad or depressed or disappointed – you emulate more of a negative energy and therefore attract more of the same – negative things occurring, negative people – it can feel as though there is no hope.  There is hope!  It only takes a moment to change energy and you can change it to be more positive by:  listening to music you like, get together with someone that makes you feel good (friend/family/work associate), take a walk in nature, eat something nourishing that you love, treat yourself to a new piece of clothing or a personal service like a massage or facial, go for a walk or do an exercise tape, yoga, meditation, help a friend, call a senior to say hello.  You get the idea.  Step out of your energy if you are feeling down and step into some new energy – to feel better by trying the above.  While it seems magical, this is truly scientific stuff.  Try it and enjoy the natural magic of life in the positive.

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