Kane Consulting and Commercial Real Estate

Kane Commercial Real Estate Closes Three Major Real Estate Transactions in One Week

The Kane Commercial Real Estate team closed three major real estate transactions during the week of July 17th with deals in Walnut Creek, Redondo Beach and Murrieta. The Walnut Creek and Murrieta deals were for new offices for longtime client, Kennedy/Jenks Consultants and the third deal was for a new quick service restaurant for Alejo’s Italian Restaurant. “All three of these deals have been in the works for months and coincidentally all came together within three days of one another” says Senior Vice President Jon Stokes. “We are excited that to be a part of the new office development team with Kennedy/Jenks helping them again to open new offices as we have done either in a real estate or project management capacity in Honolulu, Maui, San Diego, Irvine, Dallas, Boston, Ventura and other locations around the country” say Jon.

“As a long time patron of Alejo’s Presto Trattoria Italian Restaurant in Westchester, California, it was exciting for Kane to be involved in helping Alejo’s find a location for their new quick service concept restaurant in Redondo Beach” say Kane President Barbara Kane. “Their food is fantastic and we are proud to be a part of bringing it and a new business to the South Bay” says Barbara.