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Moving Tip #3

When moving into or out of a location whether moving in Los Angeles or moving in Orange County, cabling for phone/data needs to be thought about in advance.  At the new location, if you are taking the space “as is” you will need to be sure that the cabling outlets for phone and computer are in the right places for your use and that there is actual wiring attached to these locations.  It is recommended that you hire a cabling vendor to look at all locations and trace existing locations for a workable cable if trying to re-use cabling.  At the location you are leaving, look closely at your lease, many California leases and Landlords are requesting that you pull all data/phone cable out of the walls and ceilings at the Tenant cost.  Whomever you hire for cabling, a better price can be obtained by hiring one vendor to work on both locations (the one you are leaving and the one you are going to).  Cabling is best done during “construction” when the ceiling tiles are out.  Additional cabling locations are added easily before furniture and construction is complete.  For more information contact Kane Consulting at (310) 939-9389.  We can recommend cabling companies for your consideration.