Kane Consulting and Commercial Real Estate

The Downside of Vending During a Pandemic

One of our clients whose offices were shut down for 16+ months – who is now moving – asked us to contact their vending company to take away 5 vending machines that had not been touched in 16 months.  Look at all the food/beverage they had to get rid of prior to moving the machines!

Relax! It’s only ones and zeros!

Phil, a computer tech wizard and friend of Kane, fixes the Office Manager’s computer. As a thank you, we took Phil out to dinner at W’s in Redondo Beach.

Kennedy-Jenks Move and Decommission in Santa Rosa

Kane continues to assist clients move all over California and throughout the US!  In this case, Kane assisted Kennedy-Jenks relocate to their new offices in Santa Rosa. We had a great move crew at Crown Moving. Nice to be up in the wine country as well to see the natural beauty of the land.

Kane Employees Meet in Tennessee for Reunion with a New Friend

Kim Ward (Kane’s Sr. Project Manager) and Lauren Richeson (former Office Manager and Move Assistant) got together for a reunion in good ol’ Tennessee.  Their new friend – Joe – just a good guy and friend of Kim’s.  Glad to see part of the team together and enjoying some “fun” time together!

What Carpet Would You Pick??

Kane has been asked to assist our non-profit client in downtown LA in picking one of the Landlord’s standard carpets for their new space.  We are happy to assist – as they are looking to us to also help them with paint and accent colors and cabinetry colors!  We love interior design projects for small offices and are happy to help and we’re pretty good at it too!

Century City Towers Still a Ghost Town

Kane met with a perspective client in Century City a couple of weeks ago.  We were surprised to see that the Towers are still very empty.  Feels like a sci-fi movie.  Hopefully by mid-summer or fall things will pick up in these gigantic tall buildings!

Executive Suite Move-in

With the pandemic having a lot of staff working from home, many clients look at ways to save money when their lease is up. Our long time client, Kennedy Jenks, is moving their Santa Rosa office to an Executive Suite.  Kane was in Santa Rosa April 15-16 to help with the preparations of the move into their new space and decommission of existing space..  Actual move in will be May 22. Let Kane handle your company’s relocation by managing all the small details. 

Kane Assists Long Time Client with Return-to-Work COVID-19 Protocols

Post Advisory Group has reached out to us to get our thoughts on how to prep their workspace for return to work as Covid-19 begins to wind down. Kane has made suggestions based on CDC guidelines and what other businesses are doing. These are “before” photos. “After” photos of signage, sanitizing stations, etc., will be posted once the work is complete.. Stay tuned!