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IW Group LA Liquidation

After the completion of the IW Group LA move, Kane worked with the Beltmann Relocation Group move team to liquidate IW’s old space. The two-day liquidation occurred last week in West Hollywood and Kane’s lead for the week, Lauren Richeson, worked tirelessly to finish the liquidation a day ahead of schedule. Kane would like to extend a thank you to the mover team that worked with Lauren to complete the liquidation project in such a timely manner!

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Prepping for the Main Move…

Our latest office relocation (for a retailer’s headquarters in Santa Monica) requires a plethora of planning and will happen over the course of two weekends. Last weekend, we “pre-moved” non-essential supplies and resources. This frees up some time and space for the “main move” this coming up weekend. We have 3 full days of relocating employee computers, desk contents, furniture, displays, stock, etc. to their new Playa Vista location. Concurrently, we’ll be liquidating (see last week’s post) remaining furniture and items in their old location so they can turn the space over to new tenants. Full steam ahead team!!!

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From Full to Empty – Office Liquidation/Decommission in Bakersfield,CA

You can see the dramatic and quick change an office goes through when it is moved or closed. For this project we “decommissioned” an almost 3,000 sq feet space for a long-time client who decided not to renew their lease. To comply with the lease, we made sure the space was emptied completely and left in “broom-clean” condition. For offices like this one, that have been at this location for over a decade, this means alot of accumulated furniture and office supplies. Kudos to the Mover Services, Inc. team! They were  instrumental in getting everything out and disposed of properly, without them this project would not have been a success.

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