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Thanksgiving Well Wishes and Holiday Tip from the Kane Team

From the team at Kane Consulting and Kane Commercial Real Estate, we wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving holiday. We are thankful for the wonderful team we have and the terrific clients that are always a part of our extended family.


Holiday Move Management Tip: If you are renovating or moving your office in the last quarter of the year, make sure you give extra lead time for furniture deliveries which are often delayed due to the rush from businesses trying to use up current year budgets on office renovations. Also, make sure to factor holidays into your  project scheduling. Although you may have to work, chances are your vendor’s and/or their suppliers may not.


Kane Consulting’s Newest Client…

Kane Consulting will be helping Long Beach business Elements Behavioral Health expand into another suite in their existing building.  The project and move are scheduled for a December 2014 completion.  We look forward to working with their team to ensure their move is effortless and new space is exactly what they need.

Kane Consulting’s Tip of the Week

Tenant Improvements - Kane Consulting

Tenant Improvements in Office Space…

Are you really sure you want to move that wall?  The costs could be higher than you expect. Moving, deleting, or adding walls can affect lighting, sprinklers, air conditioning, switching, emergency lighting, carpet, paint, and can cost much more than you’d ever realize.

Welcome to the Team!!

Kane Consulting- Lauren Richeson- AssociateKane Consulting welcomes Lauren Richeson to our team.  With over 10 years of administrative experience in a variety of industries, she brings a unique perspective and gung-ho spirit.  She started with us in late June and has fully immersed herself in all areas of the business—on-the-job-training at its best! Lauren is thrilled to learn all about move management, project management, and commercial real estate from the experienced team at Kane Consulting/Kane Commercial Real Estate.

Ready for Employees!

The workstations are installed and offices are outfitted– ready for employees at Kennedy/Jenks Consultants’ office in Pasadena, CA. We just have some final touches to complete the new expansion to their suite. This represents the latest successful project coordination by Kane Consulting. Thank you to the employees in that office for their patience, hospitality, and assistance. We hope they enjoy the space for many years to come!

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants

Kennedy/Jenks Consultants











Kennedy/Jenks Consultants provides engineering and scientific solutions for water, environmental, energy, and innovative projects to government agencies and private utilities, industry and business, federal programs, and transportation clients. 

All Work and No Play…

Thank you to our landlord, The Muller Company, for throwing a fantastic tenant appreciation barbeque today!  As you can tell from the photos, we had a great time and really enjoyed ourselves!

Pictured from left: Lauren Richeson, Jon Stokes, and Barbara Kane-Stokes

Move Planning Tip of the Week

When planning a corporate relocation, companies with 200 or more employees should bring on a move consultant and/or start planning their move at least 6 months in advance.  Companies with 800 or more employees should start the move planning process 7-9 months in advance.

Moving is too much fun!

Kane Consulting has been working on the relocation of Agensys in Santa Monica since November 2012 which will continue into 3rd quarter 2013.  See all the fun we are having.  Kim Ward, Sr. Move Manager for Kane Consulting in the gray scarf is keeping the packing “light hearted”.

Moving Tip #2

Whether your office move is in El Segundo, California or Irvine, Burbank, etc. – be sure that you understand the restrictions of what time of day and day of the week you can move with regard to both your old location and new location.  Unless you own the property, all leased facilities will have property managers of the building that have “rules” of what hours you can or cannot move out.  These “rules” are to assure that a company relocation will not disrupt other tenants in the building, path of travel during the day for employees of other companies and delivery personnel.  Typically in a traditional office building, moves must occur after 6:00pm Monday – Friday.  Weekend times may vary but it’s common that many buildings will allow you to move at almost any time during the weekend.. sometimes Saturday mornings are restricted.  For more move coordination advise, give us a call at (310) 939-9389.